We thought you might appreciate a little bit of information about Nanaimo - what it looks like and some of the things you can do.  Let's start with where we live.

Overview map

Here is a view of Nanaimo looking north east from google earth.

Nanaimo aerial 2

And finally, getting a little closer, here is an overview image of the part of Nanaimo where we live that I took from the air a few years ago - it still looks the same .

Nanaimo aerial 1

We are located above two amazing marine parks (Neck Point and Piper's Lagoon) and beside another park and recreation area (Cottle Lake).  They are all great areas for walking.  Here are a couple of photos taken at Piper's Lagoon, a 10 minute walk from our house.

2011-02-16_0008 2008-07-24_0052

Neck point is close to Piper's Lagoon, has great views and lots of wildlife.

2011-08-25_0007 2009-06-02_0016
2011-03-28_0061 2012-08-02_0213

Our neighbourhood is all single dwellings.  Here are some shots from the front and back of our house.

2012-09-01_0002 2012-09-01_0003
2012-09-01_0004 2012-09-01_0005

Downtown Nanaimo is quite nice in the summer and fall.  It has a festive harbour and a walkway all along the shore.

2012-09-01_0106 2012-09-01_0117
2012-09-01_0132 2012-09-01_0173